On Target Utility Services, Gardiner, ME
Experiencing business and personnel growth in recent years, our company worked with Johnna to evaluate our human resource needs and hire a Human Resource Manager for our organization. From the outset of the process, Johnna took the time to understand our business, its strengths and weaknesses and work with our management team to help assess both our needs and the type of candidates that would be successful in working in our organization. Furthermore, by getting to know our team closely, she was also able to advise us on how we could make the new Human Resource Manager successful.

Our team was impressed with the depth Johnna took to understand the unique traits of our business, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates she put before us. Working with Johnna allowed us to view a cross section of highly skilled HR personnel whom we otherwise would not have seen. Our entire team was happy to work with Johnna throughout this process and we were very satisfied with the efforts and hard work she put forth in finding the best fit for our company. We highly recommend Johnna for human resource needs.

Owner and VP Locating Services