Spang Builders/Hazelwood Handyman, Kennebunkport, ME


Cornerstone HR has recently helped us fill three positions in our growing business.
Previous to using Cornerstone, we had struggled to find worthwhile applicants to several positions through traditional methods of hiring such as Classified ads in newspapers and online ads on Craigslist. If we did receive an applicant that appeared to be qualified, the time involved to interview and screen the applicant was overwhelming and often lead to frustration and a prolonged hiring process. And sometimes the new worker would not work out because we really didn’t do a good job of screening the applicant to begin with. It just seemed like a big waste of time and effort!
Johnna made this process so much more enjoyable. Her thorough knowledge of workforce trends, job placement sites and interviewing took much of the onus off of us. So instead of wasting time reviewing resumes and doing interviews, we could focus on what we do best – building. Johnna screened countless resumes and honed down the application pool. Then she conducted phone and in-person interviews with those she felt would be qualified but also fit in with our company atmosphere and culture. We would not meet and interview a candidate until they had cleared Johnna’s rigorous screening process.
Hiring Johnna at Cornerstone HR was the best thing we have done for our business in years. It has enabled us to tackle persistent issues in our office that needed to change in order for us to grow and prosper even more. IF the time comes for us to add another position in our growing company, Johnna will be the first one we call to help us make that successful acquisition.