Cornerstone will keep you up-to-date with ever changing requirements

Do you know if you’re paying people correctly according to Fair Standards Labor Act definitions?  Are your I-9s completed thoroughly and filed correctly?  Are your personnel files set up to protect confidential medical information?  These are examples of areas where companies often fall short of compliance requirements and put themselves at risk. An employee handbook, company policies and procedures are the foundation of an effective HR program. We’ll help you review your current handbook and practices to ensure they are compliant with ever-changing local, state and federal laws. We’ll also ensure your policies reflect your unique company culture.

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Examples of Compliance Support

  • Audited all the personnel files to determine what items were missing, which items didn’t need to be in the file, and which items needed to be filed separately.
  • Reviewed the full spectrum of HR policies and practices and developed an audit report with immediate, short-term and long-term goals to bring the client into compliance, but also to begin implementing HR best practices.
  • Reviewed the exempt/non-exempt status of all positions and assisted with the communication plan for those whose status changed to help them understand why it changed and what it would mean in terms of how they were paid.