Would your company benefit from improved Employee Relations practices?

DSC_0089 copyIt’s important to ensure fair treatment for all employees and mitigate risk for your company. We can help by providing guidance to your managers in dealing with complex employee performance, behavior or protected leave issues. This will help them prepare for and document conversations with employees.

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How Does Cornerstone Help with Employee Relations?

  • We provided guidance to a client that was working with an employee on leave and then returning to work following cancer treatment.  Compliance with ADA, FMLA and short-term disability requirements were all considered in developing solutions.
  • We partnered with a manager who was ready to terminate an employee for insubordination and policy violations to develop a performance improvement plan and also script the conversation with the employee.  The employee’s performance improved and the manager is happy with the outcome.
  • We partnered with a manager to write up warnings and ultimately terminate an employee for attendance policy violations.  This allowed the company to terminate the employee while mitigating risk for unlawful termination.