American Rheinmetall Munitions, Stafford VA and Camden, AR

Client since 2007

  • President
    I engaged Johnna’s services as an HR consultant to help this German-owned company establish operations in the US; first in Stafford, Virginia and then in Camden, Arkansas.  During this engagement, I have witnessed Johnna’s strong human resource skills and experience.  She is professional and well organized and excels at working in a collaborative environment.  Her interpersonal and organizational skills allow her to work effectively with managers to identify key position requirements for recruiting.  I have been especially impressed by Johnna’s skills in the following areas:
    – when participating in interviews, Johnna ensures that managers can effectively interview candidates to fully evaluate position requirements with each candidates particular skills, interests and capabilities.
    – Johnna effectively researches compensation and benefits programs to ensure that her clients recruit personnel at the right price point.
    – Johnna helped us set up our policies and procedures to reflect solid business practices as well as compliance with state, federal, and government contracting requirements.
  • VP Operations
    Johnna laid the foundation for HR programs in the organization. In particular the HR calendar that Johnna developed helped us understand what needed to be done and when. Johnna is professional, knowledgeable, has a positive demeanor, and is task oriented.  She is a good listener and I think people naturally open up to her. This is an important trait for an HR professional!  Johnna is prompt and completes that which she has agreed to do.