Medical Mutual Insurance Company, Portland, ME

Client Since 2012

  • HR Manager
    Johnna was very prepared and obviously spent time learning about Medical Mutual and used our documents for her training.  This was very helpful because we could all relate to what she was saying to our own experience. Performance issues are very difficult for the Company, supervisors, and the employees.  As Johnna mentioned, no one comes to work with the intent of “messing up”.  Like with most companies today, all of our supervisors are working supervisors.  They all have a heavy workload in addition to supervising.  I think Johnna’s points on mentoring and spending more time working with an employee and discussing issues as they come up were very well received.
  • CFO
    It was a clear, concise presentation.  Johnna’s obvious experience in all facets of HR enabled her to combine theory and reality in a helpful way that was non-threatening and elicited discussion among participants. Not totally philosophical.  Presenter clearly understood real life situations and complexities that arise.