MedTech Media, New Gloucester, ME

Client Since 2009

  • CEO
    In the span of just two years, Johnna has become one of our most trusted, strategic advisors. She is absolutely thorough, organized, expert and knowledgeable, and has helped our rapidly growing company navigate the challenges of state and federal regulations. When we first engaged her, Johnna helped us build a solid foundation for HR compliance. Since that time, however, she’s shown us how a progressive, forward-thinking HR strategy sets compliance as a floor and then pushes past that, maximizing each employee’s contribution to the company’s overall success. We’ve been able to increase our employee benefits, to provide a clear framework around expectations that help employees succeed, and to begin building a mission-focused, values-central organization. We are very pleased by Johnna’s deliverables, whether they are the comprehensive results of our initial HR audit or the total overhaul of our employee handbook. But Johnna’s real strengths appear to be coaching and advising our managers on their roles and responsibilities as leaders within the organization. Her advising and consulting skills – a mixture of her personal temperament and her industry knowledge — have been critical to our ability to refine and improve the HR function at MedTech.
  • Office Manager
    Johnna has helped MedTech to develop and maintain our Human Resources policies and procedures.  We had very little in the way of formalized policies that were being followed and Johnna was able to work with us to revamp and adopt our Employee Manual.  Johnna is willing to tell it like it is, even if it isn’t the easy answer.  When we have a policy we haven’t been following, she points out the problem even if we are “comfortable” with the old way of doing things. Johnna is always prepared to discuss the relevant topics.