Vingtech, Biddeford, ME

Client Since 2007

  • CEO
    Vingtech is a Norwegian company and Johnna was an instrumental partner in helping me establish our first US operation. I met her, and within 2 hours of engaging her services, she was helping me interview our first employee.  She consistently provides timely and accurate Human Resource information to management and employees in a professional manner, and has helped me understand how to comply with Federal and State laws, which are very different than those in Norway. She has also worked to adapt policies to reflect our Norwegian culture, for example, developing a Sick Event policy.  She has also been instrumental in finding potential candidates for all positions and hiring the best of those candidates to join our team. She is cooperative, enthusiastic, flexible, honest, practical and sincere. She is pleasant and professional.  She listens and is able to act on what she hears. Johnna is a team player and always places the team needs ahead of her personal agenda.
  • Office Administrator
    Johnna has helped me in many ways throughout the past 4 years; though I had Human Resources experience in prior positions, my time here at Vingtech has been immeasurable in learning more about HR.  Johnna has made me much more aware of the ever growing legal aspects of human resources and how to best apply the laws/regulations to the operational needs of our company.The personal characteristics that I value most in Johnna are her patience, her personality and her professionalism; and though professional, she is always down to earth. The reasons I like working with Johnna are that she is easy to discuss matters with and bounce ideas off; she is up to date on regulations, she is able to work with a variety of personalities and when dealing the employees, no matter the position, they feel at ease.
  • Manufacturing Engineer
    Johnna has a nose for talent.  Throughout the interview process, she has the ability to bring out a candidate’s true ability as well as the areas in which they need to improve.  She is a great listener and an invaluable resource in the hiring process.