We’ll show you how to remain competitive within your budget

Offering a competitive compensation and benefits package is critical for attracting and retaining the best employees to your company. If you don’t, your business is at risk for losing star employees and may not be able to attract others. With increasing benefits costs and market pressures around wages, Cornerstone will partner with you to evaluate your options and offer the most competitive package within your budget.

By offering the best packages possible within your own budget, you can gain and retain top talent. Call our office now at 207.883.5386 or email jmajor@cornerstone-hr.com.

How Has Cornerstone Helped Clients Improve Their Pay and Benefits?

  • Used a variety of local and regional resources to benchmark jobs to set market competitive pay
  • Ensured that the pay increase budget reflected local and national trends
  • Designed a sick time program that encourages greater employee accountability for sick days and reduced the utilization of sick days