Structure and Staffing Recommendations

As your business continues to grow, your organizational resource needs will change. To help you, Cornerstone will guide company leaders in identifying the best resources to support organizational success and we’ll also assist with the recruitment effort.

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How has Cornerstone helped clients evaluate their organizational design?

  • Evaluated the senior team and identified what additional support was needed to allow the CEO to fully engage at a strategic level.  This involved an objective analysis of the current team’s strengths and weaknesses, a review of the strategic plan and resource requirements to meet the goals, and an assessment of a candidate to fill a newly created role on the senior team.
  • Evaluated the client’s HR needs based on its recent growth and geographic expansion.  Using a “Voice of the Customer” process, made recommendations for a reorganization of the HR staff and developed job descriptions for the new roles.
  • Structured a process for succession planning for the CEO role, redefining roles in the organization and redesigning  jobs to support the transition.