Growing businesses turn to Cornerstone HR for their search needs because they rely on Johnna’s 20+ years of human resources and business experience to understand the unique requirements of the positions they are trying to fill. Johnna has a knack for finding strong professionals who are able to do the job you’re hiring for today, but also have the potential to grow with your business and contribute to your success in many different ways.

When you engage Cornerstone HR, you work with a search partner committed to finding the best candidate for your company. Johnna’s process includes a thorough vetting of the candidate and the candidate’s interest in and understanding of the role, and an insightful candidate summary accompanying each candidate submission. 


Here’s what you get from Cornerstone HR: 

  • Assistance defining the need for the role and developing a strong job description, target compensation range, and FLSA status.
  • Extensive up front work to understand the company and its strategic goals, the job description, company culture, leadership style of the hiring manager and unique qualities of the team, and 3/6/12 month deliverables for the role.
  • Ongoing communication regarding the status of applicant pool to determine if adjustments need to be made to the position requirements/expectations, and overall updates on timing.
  • A thorough screening process so that you’re only seeing the top 2-3 qualified candidates.
  • A comprehensive candidate summary presented with each candidate submission so that you can use your interview time to dig deeper into a candidate’s experience relative to the role and your culture.
  • Availability to sit in on client interviews with the candidate to provide additional observations and insights regarding candidate fit.
  • A reference check process that results in a “Management Report” with advice from past managers/colleagues on how to get the best out of the candidate.
  • Assistance with offer letter development.
  • Partnering with the hiring manager to develop an onboarding plan for success.

How Much Does Service and Expertise Like This Cost?

Less than you may think. Most recruiters charge 25-30% of the first year salary and the fee is tied to the negotiated salary. Cornerstone HR’s fees are generally around 20% of the annual salary, but the rate is fixed up front based on the expected salary offer.

How is Payment Structured?

Like most retained searches, payments are made in equal installments.

1st Payment: Due upon execution of the search contract
2nd Payment: Upon Cornerstone’s presentation of the 1st candidate for an interview
3rd Payment: Upon candidate’s acceptance of client offer and background checks have cleared

What if a Candidate Doesn’t Work Out?

If a candidate leaves or is terminated before they have completed 90 days of employment, Cornerstone HR will replace the candidate or refund the final 1/3 payment.

What Kind of Positions Has Cornerstone HR Placed?

Johnna’s strong HR and operations background ensures that she can understand the position needs, how it fits in the organization, and what qualities are important for success, so she isn’t specialized in any one area.

§  Controller/CFO

§  Financial Analyst

§  Accounting Manager

§  Operations Manager – Manufacturing

§  Quality Manager

§  Compliance Officer

§  Mechanical Engineer

§  Vice President – Human Resources

§  HR Manager

§  Learning and Development Specialist

§  Office Administrator

§  Import/Export Specialist

§  Membership and Development Manager

What Type of Companies Use Cornerstone HR?

Cornerstone works with a wide range of companies and sizes. The one thing they have in common is their commitment to finding high quality talent to support the growth and success of their team.

§  Auburn Manufacturing Inc.

§  American Rheinmetall Systems

§  Blue Tarp Financial

§  Eimskip

§  Maine International Trade Center

§  Kolbenschmidt


§  On Target Utility Services

§  Opportunity Alliance

§  Ransom Environmental Consulting

§  Spang Builders/Hazelwood Handyman

§  Target Logistics

§  Valley Distributors